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Marlene Rahmann is a young photographer and creative director based in Vienna, Austria.
After a five-year-long training at Vienna’s School of Media she received her diploma in
photography. Starting a freelance business at an early age, she focuses on portrait and fashion
commissions, as well as independent fine art projects.

Marlene’s work puts the ontology of the photographic image into question. Rather than
reflecting what is, she uses photography as a tool to distort and enhance notions of what could
be. Her highly staged imagery offers insights into a world of illusion, exaggerated esthetic,
and surreal sceneries. While these narratives mimic reality, they do not always adhere to the
same limitation and leave room for different interpretations. With her distinct use of natural
light, she seeks to explore moments of honesty and character in her portraits. Inspired by both
natural science and fiction, Marlene’s photography is characterized by a passion for details, a
conceptional approach, and cinematic settings.